Reflective Supervision

Reflective supervision is the professional and personal development within one’s discipline by giving attention to the emotional content of the work with young children and their families, and how reactions to the content affect the work.

If you have worked with young children and families for any amount of time you can relate to the struggles that can accompany your own reactions.  Sometimes we find judgment or condemnation pop up in our mind and we wonder “Where did that come from?!”.  Or we lie awake at night concerned for a child’s safety or welfare.  Though these concerns or thoughts are completely normal, they are also what cause burnout or secondary-trauma to the early childhood professional.

Through reflective supervision you are provided a safe, trusting, environment to attend to the emotional responses that occur.

Reflective supervision is offered individually or as a group.  Group sessions require a minimum of 3 participants and will not exceed 6 group members to give everyone a chance to be heard and to hear what others experience and bring to the group.

Email to schedule a time, place your name on the list for the next start-up date or to start a group within your organization or agency.