Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation & Coaching


Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation and Coaching:

As an Early Childhood Mental Health Coach & Consultant, Shana Schmidt will listen to your concerns, assess which strategies will be helpful, tailor these strategies to your unique situation, and then coach you in utilizing them to successfully resolve the issues you are facing.

Consultation is comprised of strategies to support children’s emotional health through targeting specific factors that place children at risk of developing behavior difficulties.  Through education and understanding, families and caregivers are able to implement the steps that reduce challenging behaviors.

Coaching includes ‘real time’ supports by working side-by-side to calm an out-of-control child, resolve conflict in seconds, use classroom structures to optimize learning, perfect routines and rituals, strengthen staff relationships, and more.

You will be guided and encouraged through your next steps toward relationship-based classroom implementation. Opportunities are endless, and are custom-designed to meet your needs. Common topics include; strengthening staff relationships, resolving persistent conflict, maximizing self-regulation skills, adapting structures, routines and rituals for children with specific disabilities, utilizing Conscious Discipline® within an existing curriculum, applying classroom structures to optimize learning, calming an out-of-control child with specific issues, and creating relationships on a deeper level.

UP! uses an evidence-based approach to address caregiver and family well-being as essential ingredients in young children’s healthy social and emotional development.